Freelancer away days

Time out from client work to dedicate to your business. Away days give you space to reflect and plan.

At the away day we’ll cover three areas:

  • Reflection — a look back to review what has happened to get you where you are now.
  • Intention — turning to the period ahead to create a vision for your business and set your intentions or goals.
  • Action — using your intentions to create a plan of action, breaking everything down into manageable steps.

There will be solo reflective and creative activities, as well as opportunities to share and talk to fellow freelancers about your experiences, challenges and plans.

You will get a workbook that includes all the activities we’ll work through plus space to capture your notes from the day.

Why attend

There are many reasons why attending an away day is a valuable use of your time…

  • Focus — block out the noise, give your attention to your business for a day.
  • Structure — participate in a schedule of activities to help you zoom in and out, reflect back and plan forward.
  • Strategy — identify what you want to achieve next year and make sure you’re working on the right things to move your business forward.
  • Accountability — join your peers to reflect and plan, with mutual support to get things done.
  • Action — create your own strategic plan with actionable, achievable steps.

Who will be there

Freelancer, company of one, contractor, independent worker… whatever you call yourself, these away days are for you!

You might be feeling overwhelmed by everything you could do and need some help to find what to focus on first.

You may have a dream for where you see your business and now need an action plan to help you make it a reality.

Perhaps you’re new to planning or looking to refresh your method.

These away days are for you.

What previous attendees said

It was such a brilliant day and has made me think about my business in a way I just wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.


I’d HIGHLY recommend doing this to anyone needing some forward focus.


In one day my vision was set. My goals put in place. And my plans set in motion.


You can read more about the experiences of last year’s attendees in this series of interviews.

And, why me?

As an experienced facilitator and coach, I’ve spent the last few years helping freelancers like you to make space for reflection and planning.

I use a tried and tested method of looking back and then forward, before making a plan. Using questions, prompts and activities to aid the process.

If you want to get a sense for how I work before booking an away day, why not join a free monthly planning session?

When and where

Freelancer away days run towards the end of the year. Watch this space to find out when and where they’ll be for 2024.