About Emma

You can’t underestimate the importance of a good fit between coach and client. Find out a bit more about me, my work and my values.

My first encounter with coaching was through participation in a  management development programme in 2011. On this programme I received 1-to-1 coaching and participated in peer coaching. I also had time and space to explore my development with my line manager.

This experience had a profound impact on me and my approach to work and relationships. I learnt as much about myself and what drives me as I did about managing a team. It prepared me well for coping with a significant change in my life. A change that saw me move 250 miles and rebuild both personally and professionally over a period of two years.

Once I’d regained some equilibrium I found myself in 2016 with a decision to make about my future: to continue as things were (in part-time employment with a portfolio of freelance projects on the side), to take a new full-time role either with my existing employer or in a new organisation, or to make the leap into full-time self-employment.

To make this decision I practised some self-coaching, using exercises from Pete Mosley’s excellent book The Art of Shouting Quietly. I considered my values and how they are fundamental to finding fulfilling work. I looked at all of my previous jobs and examined what I enjoyed and what I do well. I then assessed each of my options with these things in mind and it became clear to me which I needed to follow.

Now I knew where I was going I drew up an action plan for the first steps to achieving that goal. And that’s how the journey toward starting my own coaching business began.

“If your values aren’t reflected in your actions those values don’t mean much”

Doug Neill

My values in action

I have spent significant time identifying my values as part of my search for fulfilling work. It is important to me that they are not just words but manifested in my actions. I have picked up on an approach that aims to close the gap between your values and your daily actions through establishing a code of ethics. Expressing my values in this way gives me something to strive for and hold myself account to.

Code of ethics

Continual learning

I will stay flexible and alert to any experience that helps myself or others to learn and grow.

Open thinking

I will keep an open mind, looking for new opportunities and ideas beyond self-imposed barriers.

Active participation

I will show up, join in and make connections. Collaborating with the people present and sharing with those who are not.

Practical reflection

I will reflect on my actions, making incremental changes to help me live and act in line with my values.

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I offer coaching and workshops to help individuals and teams to pause, reflect and make conscious choices about what’s next.