Open workshops for independent workers

These workshops are designed to help you pause and gain a new perspective on your work. You can expect a blend of quiet reflection, group conversation and creative activities to help expand your thinking. I bring a coaching approach to facilitation, creating a space that is open, explorative and safe.

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Freelancer away days

Dedicated time out from client work to focus on your business. Reflect on how you got to where you are today, set your intentions for the months ahead and turn your vision into an action plan for your next steps.

Freelancer away days

Create your freelance manifesto

Renew your energy and rediscover your motivation. Explore the principles that underpin your freelance life and write a personal manifesto to act as a guide for the way you want to work.

Create your freelance manifesto

Inner work for independent workers

A series of short workshops to help you understand and develop strategies for the unique set of challenges that arise in the move from employment to independent work.

Inner work workshop series

Writing for reflection

Flex your reflection muscle with a variety of writing activities and learn how to make reflection part of your regular routine. This workshop is in development.

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