Coaching gives you the time and space to focus your thinking on areas of your life where you want to develop and grow. It is a partnership between you and your coach. You set the direction and your coach will guide and support you to reflect on what you want, what’s holding you back and what you need to do to move forward.

The benefits of coaching extend beyond the time you work with a coach. A key part of coaching is learning skills that will help you to coach yourself in the future.

Who I work with

We might work together if you’re a freelancer, independent worker, or company of one, seeking to:

  • reconnect with what’s most important to you
  • design a work life that works for you
  • overcome self-doubt and rediscover your confidence
  • define your own criteria for success
  • get things done and make progress towards your goals

Working for yourself brings with it the freedom and flexibility to create your own path. This can be exciting and empowering, but at times it’s also overwhelming, uncertain and isolating. You can’t do it all on your own, all of the time, and that’s where I come in.

The emphasis is on working together. As your coach, I’ll be by your side as your sounding board and sense checker. I’ll offer a healthy amount of challenge and encouragement too.

Ways of working

Coaching is unique to you — there’s no one-size fits all approach. However, leaving you with an unclear picture of what options are available isn’t very helpful for you when it comes to making a decision about coaching.

Here are a few suggestions for how we can work together depending on what is going on for you.



A one-off session to help you get unstuck and generate ideas. You bring a problem, challenge or something that’s been on your mind, I’ll listen and ask questions to help you gain clarity.


from £450

Regular check-ins over 1—3 months. Intended to provide encouragement, accountability and support to help you make progress. Encourage sessions can be used on their own or as an add-on to a Spark session.


from £650

A series of longer sessions over 3-6 months. We’ll delve deep as you explore what it would look like to reset your focus or make a change in your life. Together, we’ll take things from idea to action.

My approach

My coaching practice is founded on the belief that you already have the answers you’re seeking. My role is to ask appropriate questions to help you unlock them. Through gentle inquiry I will help you to look at your situation in a new light and gain clarity about the way forward. As your coach I will:

  • encourage self-discovery
  • encourage forward and positive thinking
  • remain objective and non-judgmental
  • help you identify and set goals
  • challenge when appropriate
  • gain your commitment to act

My style is empathetic, instinctive, pragmatic and supportive. These are all words my previous clients have used to describe me. As a quiet soul don’t be alarmed if I don’t say much, after all the focus of our work is you and your thoughts.


Emma was very professional, warm and easy to open up to. I found her style of insightful and challenging questions the right balance to move me forward and feel I have learnt so much about my business and how I operate in it. She helped me remember to slow down, take a step back and look at the big picture.

– Louise

Emma’s coaching was vital to building my confidence and helping me find a clear sense of my own value during a difficult year of transition in my career. Her coaching process enabled me to feel like I was finding the solutions to problems I struggled to even define before we started.

– Ross

Let’s work together

The first step towards working together is for us to get to know each other on an introductory call. We’ll talk about what’s going on for you, what prompted you to explore working with a coach and what working together might look like. There’s no obligation, let’s talk and take it from there.