Living well

A different beat

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how we choose our own path. In this post I connect some of those thoughts to a scene from a classic film.

Alone time

Thoughts on labeling ourselves as introvert or extrovert, and what the right balance of time alone might be.

Connect with nature

Some reflections on the theme for mental health awareness week 2021.

A tip for falling asleep

Whether you’re struggling to get to sleep or lying awake in the middle of the night here’s a tip that will help you drop off.

The promise of self-help

What are the benefits of self-help books? Can they be a substitute for coaching or therapy? Here are my thoughts.

Memento Mori

A moment to pause and reflect on mortality and how I’m living my life.

Rules to live by

Creating a list of rules to live by can be a great way to make sure we’re acting in line with our values.