September link round-up

Let’s start with a reminder from Lisa Oliviera about not needing to be the best at anything.

Alan Levinovitz’s article, In praise of bewilderment, shows us a way we can break down oppositional binaries.

Jonathan Jennings Harris’ illustrated essay Navigating Stuckness is a long read, but well worth it, if you’re interested in the themes of beginnings and endings, getting stuck and unstuck, and, in general, living a creative life.

Catherine Wilkes describes how her confidence comes in waves. I had a great experience shooping with Catherine and Pip and I think you might like it too.

At the same event as I discovered the joy of letting go with The Shoopery, I got to experience deep connection through spaces for listening. Here, Brigid Russell talks about the possibility of a growing community of connections in the time it takes.

Would it even be a link round-up without a link from the Creative Independent? In this interview, artist and designer Maisie Broome talks about prioritizing what makes you happy.

And finally, here’s a challenge from Maria Popova.

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