Link round-up (September 2021)

Let’s start with a long-read from Ed Batista: Not every end is a goal (on midlife malaise). There was a lot in this I found relatable.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about growth and how much (of anything) is enough. This piece on ambition in particular caught my attention It’s time to replace ambition with adaptation .

Redecorating the office meant that I had to remove the books from all of our bookshelves. This was no mean feat, especially as my wife likes an over-sized art book! There was part of the process I enjoyed; I learned things about both of us by spending time with our book collections. When I later read this essay on the digital death of collecting it struck quite a chord.

Here’s an interesting reflection on purpose and potential, which I’m sharing mostly for this single sentence:

We learn best through trial, and error is our greatest teacher.

I enjoy coffee. I enjoy everything about it from the process of brewing it, through the taste and smell, to the way it makes me feel. I do worry about the effects of all that caffeine though. And although I’m slowly introducing more decaf coffee into my life I resisted reading this article for some time in fear of what it might tell me. The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine?

And finally, here’s a story about curiosity, parenting and climate change.

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