Link round-up (September 2020)

Some things to read

Oliver Burkeman shares eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life in his last column for The Guardian. Whether I’d call these eight points “secrets” or not is debatable. They’re the kind of thing we probably all know deep down but tend to forget when we’re in the thick of it so this summary acts a useful reminder. What would you include on your list?

On living in the future while trying to create a better one is an interview with Cory Doctorow that covers the writing process, success and failure, audiobook publishing and so much more.

My journey with alternative views of time continues with Fall In by Matt Thomas. As well as acting as a reminder of all the things we love about Autumn this post encourages us to think about how our routines might change according to the seasons.

Something to listen to

In Less Certainty, More Inquiry, Maria Konnikova talk to Shane Parrish about thinking processes, decision making, emotion regulation, seeking help and why she favours questions over answers. It’s enlightening.

Something to look at

Both heart warming and heart breaking, Hold Still presents a snapshot of the UK in lockdown.

Featured newsletter

Little Futures is a collaboration between Tom Critchlow and Brian Dell that provokes inquiry into how we might shape our future out of what we’ve got today. There’s plenty to chew on in the latest issue on Permissionless Identities which looks at how we can reinvent our careers.

Handy tool

Blacklight, a new tool from The Markup, helps you to see who is looking over your shoulder as you move around the web. Put in the URL of any site and see what tracking technologies are being used. I’m pleased to say my site came out clean, as intended.

Featured image by Greg Shield on Unsplash

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