Link round-up (October 2020)

In a recent issue of her newsletter, Culture Study, Anne Helen Petersen wrote you’re still not working from home. It focuses on the need to reimagine the rules of work to make sure we reap the benefits of working from home and don’t burn out.

“This is the dark truth of the WFH Forever revolution. It promises to liberate workers from the chains of the office. But in practice, it capitalizes on the total collapse of work-life balance.”

A recent Ask Doist column focuses on the benefits of asynchronous communication prompted by a reader’s question about effective remote work and managing team expectations.

Make remote work good work is a conversation with Bruce Daisley, facilitated by the RSA’s US Director Alexa Clay, covering creating community, employee wellbeing, trust, the purpose of the office and more.

Nicholas Bate shares seven tips to help you find some time.

Created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, oblique strategies are a set of phrases intended to help break a creative block or problem situation. You can get a random strategy here or follow the Twitter bot.

Featured newsletter

University of Winds by Mita Williams is for the curious. Every week it starts a journey of discovery through links to explore and a question to ponder.

Useful tool

TinyJPG reduces the file size of images for use on the web with no loss of image quality. I’ve been using it for years to compress images I post to save on storage space and improve load times.

Featured image by Sunira Moses on Unsplash

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