Link round-up (November 2020)

I read the feature article in this issue of Make Work Better shortly after I sent my newsletter on what counts as work. It puts the ongoing debate around whether it matters if people work fewer hours as long as they’re getting their jobs done into the context of Covid induced remote working.

I’m very interested in the evolution of Julian Stodd’s work on Quiet Leadership. It positions humility, kindness, fairness and grace at the centre of the model.

Ideas that changed my life by Morgan Housel. This article was shared in a recent(ish) issue of Dense Discovery, although it’s from a couple of years ago now. It’s got me thinking about what might be the core ideas that shape my thinking and approach to life.

In how to feel better when you don’t know what’s wrong, David Cain shares a simple approach to shifting your mood. I particularly appreciate the distinction between two types of activity that make us feel better.

A love letter to tactile hobbies by Emerline Ji. Perhaps this stood out to me because I’m overly conscious of the amount of time I’m spending staring at a screen these days. Be it my computer, phone, tablet or TV my screen time has definitely increased. Spurred on be Emmerline’s post I’ll embark on a project to print my own Christmas cards. What about you?

Featured newsletter

The Spaces in Between is a weekly newsletter from Stephan Caspar. It focuses on technology, language and culture in the context of learning. I’m really enjoying Stephan’s reflective writing style and generosity in what he shares. Plus I’m sure I clicked almost every link in the latest issue!

Feature image by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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