Link round-up (March 2021)

The latest issue of Rachel Botsman’s newsletter get’s us to rethink intuition and presents some useful questions we can ask to evaluate decision we might make based on our intuition.

The social biome — how to build nourishing friendships and banish loneliness explores the different types of interaction we need for a healthy social biome.

What does a company need to consider in making the decision to return to the office, or not? Bruce Daisley presents a 10 stage guide in the latest issue of Make Work Better.

In writing myself into existence Ian O’Byrne reflects on the writing process and the stories we tell about ourselves.

Leo Babauta shares his process for working with the guilt of not working more.

Games, play and joy is the first post in a series by Jane Friedhoff on designing playful experiences and different flavours of joy. See also: Joy is not made to be a crumb.

Useful tool

Hide Feed does exactly what it says it will: hides the feed on sites you might frequent on the web. I’m using the free version on Twitter and it’s been a revelation. I can tweet, view notifications and DMs, or follow a link to a specific tweet without getting drawn in to the drama of the timeline or trending topics. And if I do find myself on the homepage instead of the feed I’m presented with a tranquil picture from Google Earth.

Featured image by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

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