Link round-up (November 2021)

What is needed for teams and organisations to thrive? Rishad Tobaccowalla suggests it’s balance, unity and integration.

In the house always wins, Harold Jarche explores the downside of the creator economy.

Create a growth culture not a performance-obsessed one — this HBR article crossed my path recently, but it turns out it’s more than a couple of years old now. It was a welcome revisit to the research I did for my essay around learning organizations.

In this post, Daniel Stillman shares some turn-taking rituals we can use to facilitate better conversations among groups of varying size.

The poet Mary Reufle does not own a computer. I enjoyed this issue of Mason Currey’s newsletter, while I wouldn’t want to be without a computer entirely, I am making a conscious effort to do more of my work offline. I find that my brain works better that way.

I love to make zines. In fact, I’m making a collection now about my recent visit to London. Austin Kleon loves making zines too and has started sharing them through his newsletter. Here’s a gratitude zine you can make and fill in.

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