Link round-up (December 2021)

Productivity systems fatigue me. There’s a lot in this post by James Bedford that I recognise in myself.

“Peak Performance,” Impostor Syndrome, and PhD Life, brought to you by Star Trek: The Next Generation 📺🖖🏻 by Kimberly Hirsh might be best suited to Star Trek fans but I think it has lessons for us all.

A question posed by Seth Godin: What will you leave behind?

Scott Nesbitt shares the question that will help us eliminate what’s not essential.

More questions. This time Matthew Knight, founder of Leapers, shares 10 questions to ask before you take the leap into freelancing.

Breaking into the spell is an old interview with Ursula K. Le Guin, an author whose writing is the best I’ve read in 2021. I’m late to the party but so glad I finally arrived.

And finally, Nicholas Bate’s Always Helpful, 88.

Featured image by Steven van Elk on Unsplash.

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