June link round-up

The Smoke Detector Principle (Why We Overreact) — It’s been a while since I shared an article by Ed Batista. Here’s one I couldn’t ignore which explores the mismatch between what we know and what we feel.

Experiments at work: Getting serious about rest — Ian Sanders is back again with some sage advice about making room for rest.

Optimizing for Feelings — The Browser Company’s manifesto for seeking meaning beyond metrics. This I can get behind.

Digital Minimalism and philosophy in tech — I wasn’t a massive fan of Cal Newport’s book Digital Minimalism, and unlike the writer here I didn’t think “he leaves it up to individuals to define their own relationships with the tech they use regularly”. However, I do appreciate the need for a personal philosophy and the thoughts of Jake LaCaze here as he searches for his own.

The psychology of unfinished tasks — This article includes some tips for using unfinished tasks to your advantage.

Getting Organized Means You Separate Deciding from Doing — I feel this article from Anna Havron could also be called “Getting things done by separating deciding from doing” as the principle can be applied to more than just getting organised.

Virtual coworking options for freelancers — I’ve got right in to virtual coworking and it really filled a gaping void during lockdowns. This is a good round-up of the various options in a fast growing market.

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