Link round-up (June 2020)

No One Is Coming to Save Us. Issue #246 of The Highlighter by Mark Isero. This is one of the newest additions to my newsletter reading. The Highlighter shares “the best of the week on race, education, and culture.” In this issue, the links are focused on the lived experiences of Black Americans.

How Coronavirus and Anti-Racism Protests Have Remapped Your World from Bloomberg CityLab. An interesting reflection on how our worlds have changed over the past few months with the bonus of some delightful hand-drawn maps.

The First 101 Days: rebirthing a company during a crisis by Ewan McIntosh. In this reflective post, Ewan considers what’s most important in his life and shares how he’s rethinking his business.

How to Remain Calm When the Rest of the World is Freaking Out: 9 Tips from the Stoics from The Daily Stoic. This post delivers on what it sets out in the title. It also doubles as a good introduction to Stoicism if you’re not already familiar with the philosophy.

7 ways to protect your mental health from The Academy of Medical Sciences. I don’t think you’ll see anything massively new to you in this article, but I find it’s useful to get reminded of these things periodically. And the middle of a pandemic is no exception.

Not everything has to be digital: my analogue daily and weekly planners by Doug Belshaw. If I wrote a version of this post there’d be very little difference. I’ve tried many versions of digital weekly and daily planners but nothing works for me as well as having it all on paper. I’m currently using index cards for my daily to do lists; their limits are liberating!

And finally, Untools is “a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.” It’s a really handy reference guide.

Featured image by Harli Marten on Unsplash

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