July link round-up

Let’s start with a poem on living in the moment: Today, this one-of-a-kind day. I felt I needed a frequent reminder of these words so took a screenshot and put it on my phone’s lock screen.

The idea of focusing on the uniqueness of today and not carrying yesterday or tomorrow is echoed in this interview with Shayla Lawz on carving out space to reflect.

This week I wrote myself a note to remind me to focus on improving what I’ve already got rather than starting anything new. Here’s some tips for what to do when you feel like you’re always chasing the newest idea.

(Aside: Between grabbing the link for the last article and pasting it into the draft I had an idea for a little side project and set up the bones of a new blog to host it. You couldn’t make it up!)

Be like a lightbulb: The importance of resting ethic — I’m not a massive fan of the phrase “all or nothing” but this idea of being “on or off” when it comes to work and rest does speak to me.

The eternal question for many self-employed people is how to get things done when you’re accountable only to yourself. Here are some tips from author David Yoon on developing a set of good habits.

And finally, here are some observations on the benefits of journaling.

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