Link round-up (July 2020)

Persuasion and technology. A video explainer of the key points of B J Fogg’s research into how technology can change our behaviour. It covers attitudes to trust online and how data gathered on how we act can contribute to our ‘persuasion profile’.

Balloons and darts — towards a manifesto for productivity by Michael Sampson. Over my working life I’ve learnt a lot about the conditions in which I’m able to be productive (balloons) and, perhaps more importantly, when I’m not (darts). This article poses two questions to help us make the most of that knowledge in the future.

Feedback is not a gift by Ed Batista. This article challenges the notion that feedback is a gift and invites us instead to reframe it as data. When we view feedback as data we can be more thoughtful about how we respond to it.

Eating lunch at your desk again? Why workers don’t take breaks from BPS Research Digest. This summary of a recent research study highlights some interesting themes around why we may not take regular breaks. It got me thinking about whether since working from home people’s habits have changed.

Color accessibility: tools and resources to help you design inclusive products by Stephanie Walter. If you make anything for other people then this article is essential reading. It offers a wealth of tips and tools to help you make your content more accessible.

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Handy tool

Browserboard. It’s a whiteboard that runs in your browser. I’ve been using Google’s Jamboard for a while but this looks like a decent alternative.

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