Link round-up (January 2021)

In this post, Dave Smyth explains how he is using lists as an alternative timeline on Twitter. If you’re sold on this principle but don’t feel confident using the script to remove all your followers then there is a middle ground — create your lists and hide the main timeline.

I feel this article by grandmaster Jonathan Rowson needs multiple readings to truly unpack its many layers about what chess can teach us about concentration, attention and flow.

Concentration is not like a bulb that we can turn on and off with a switch, because we are not just the bulb; we are also the switcher and the switch.

With lockdown restrictions I find myself tracing the same routes over and over on my daily walks, and it’s getting a little tired. Over the weekend I picked up an idea from my sister for bringing some much needed variety to my route. If you need to revitalise your walking experience here are 20 more ways to give purpose to your daily walk.

On the day of Biden’s inauguration Austin Kleon published a post about what kickstarted his daily diary habit. It’s a call to action to spend time cultivating something that will outlast any of the bad stuff going on in our lives.

What seeds are you planting now that will flower long after this pandemic, this administration… maybe even this life?

This short essay by Anne Helen Petersen made me nostalgic for the days of running errands with friends. A simple activity that I’ve realised I massively took for granted.

And finally, here’s my favourite new Twitter account.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash.

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