February link round-up

In a newsletter a couple of weeks ago I shared David Cain’s post about how to make the internet small again. Now, here’s his write-up of lessons learned after taking three days offline.

That this piece on how wonder can transform us starts with a reference to Ursula Le Guin’s writing is just an added bonus. I particularly connect with the idea of wonder as a grounding emotion.

I’ve been sitting with this article by Myriam Hadnes from a couple of years ago that presents a revised view on the art of asking questions, drawing on lessons from improv theatre.

Charlie Warzel’s reflections on his conversation with Michael Goldhaber, and particularly the theme of where we place our attention, resonated with me much more after reading Do Pause.

You didn’t think you’d get through a link round-up without any reference to productivity, did you? Here are a couple more perspectives:

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