Link round-up (February 2021)

There is so much to unpack in Ed Batista’s article on the tyranny of feelings starting with an exploration of how we experience emotions and ending with some practical tips to help us regulate them.

emotion regulation involves improving our ability to sense, comprehend, articulate and express what we’re feeling, and we develop those skills by getting closer to our emotions, not by distancing ourselves from them

This thoughtful piece from Raw Signal Group’s newsletter compares what happens when we either borrow from or invest in our future selves. It’s given me lots of food for thought.

When shit gets rocky, a normal and healthy instinct is to borrow from your future self. Most of us learn early to prioritize aggressively during a crisis and that means a lot of things get punted… You know you’ll still have to do those things, but it’s Future You’s problem.

The secret, essential geography of the office is a passionate appeal for us to remember what was good about going into an office everyday. This quote in particular made me feel nostalgic:

digital work has a lousy clock. Hours blur. Meetings all look the same. My map of our company’s office is filled with pathways, memories, art, people who came and went. (And it’s a small, single-floor, open office!) It’s got a history.

I enjoyed reading James Parker’s ode to low expectations, but I’m not sure the title does it justice. It’s about being content with what you’ve got and noticing what’s in front of you in a given moment.

Kat Vellos shares 20+ alternatives to ‘How are you?’ More important that the alterative questions, for me, are the reasons why we might want to think of something different to ask.

Featured newsletter

The Audacity is a new(ish) newsletter from Roxanne Gay. Speaking of her aims for the newsletter Gay writes:

That’s what I hope to do with this newsletter—tell one hell of a story about the world we’re living in, the culture we consume, the things that bring me joy, the things that infuriate me, the things I think we should talk about.

There is also a spot every two weeks that features an interview with, and an essay from, an emerging writer.

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Infuriated by article limits on Medium, HBR, The New York Times etc? Check out this browser extension that allows you to bypass paywalls (thanks to Doug for bringing this to my attention).

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