Link round-up (December 2020)

Farnham Street is such a wealthy source of information for a curious soul. Here’s a round-up of the team’s favourite articles of 2020.

Explorable Explanations brings together learning and play. Created by coders, artists and educators there’s lots to explore — it’s currently fuelling my desire to brush up my science knowledge (to be used to answer questions on University Challenge, if nothing else).

Where did my ambition go? An engaging personal reflection from Maris Kreizman on the shifting sands of a career spanning two decades and most recently the impact of the pandemic.

Jeffrey Moro shares his preliminary manifesto for the abolition of time.

It’s common to use the period between Christmas and the New Year to reflect on the year behind us. This year I’ve seen some very complicated multi-layered templates being shared. Personally, I’m a fan of a few well-formed questions to use as a guide. Try these for size:

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