April link round-up

Ecosystem theory: how to reframe the “I do this or I do that” binary by Katy Peplin — there’s a phrase that stands out to me in the early stages of this post and that is “the discrete nature of choice” and in this context we’re talking about how we choose to spend our time.

For the Bullet Journal devotees and dabblers, here’s an interesting approach to managing projects — the Alastair method.

Long time readers will know I’m constantly evolving my relationship with my phone and social media. Here are some useful reminders, tips and resources to help you take control.

Need a fresh angle? Here are a few things to try courtesy of Nicholas Bate.

I’m finding that the more I feel repelled by the pursuit of external markers of success and happiness, the more I feel I can learn from western philosophies. Here’s a good primer from The School of Life on Eastern vs Western views of happiness.

I really enjoy the simplicity of the posts on Sue Heatherington’s Quiet Disruptors blog. Here’s one about embracing the imperfection of life.

And finally, Nick Cave’s response to the question “Do you still believe in Us?” is an ode to hopefulness.

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