Freelancer Away Day top takeaways: an interview with Penny Brazier

Penny is a copywriter and self-confessed tone of voice geek. She helps brands connect with their customers and crafts words that sell. She came to last year’s Freelancer Away Day in Newcastle and has lots to share about the experience….

What hopes or expectations did you have for the away day before the event?

I was looking forward to meeting up with other freelancers away from home to get out of my own head a bit and focus on my business. I am always a bit apprehensive about this type of event as I feel like there’s a good chance nothing will come out of my brain, and I’ll be left thinking “uh, I don’t know!” but because I already knew Emma and how she worked through our time together in the Leapers Pod, I was pretty sure if anyone could get it out of me it would be her!

How did the day help you to reflect on the previous year?

The prompts took us through a very logical process of reflection and forward forecasting. I liked how calm it was (even though we were all very giddy to be together!), and thorough – going through our notes and diaries from the year before which turned up some surprising things I’d forgotten about. It really made me think about what I’d achieved.

How did the day help you to plan for the year ahead?

This is where I normally get stuck, as I often just don’t know what I want to do or where I want to be with my business. The creative elements of this process (lots of fun stationery to play with and making a zine) really unlocked a lot of this for me and helped me play with ideas. It was also helpful to hear what other people were planning, so being with a group was really helpful too.

What have you done differently this year as a result of attending the away day?

Honestly, I put a lot of stuff down that I haven’t done! Classic me! But I also put down that I really wanted to play with the business this year and have more fun with it, – allow it to grow organically, which I have done. I set that intention and I’ve really stuck with it, let go of guilt, and actually enjoyed my work a lot more this year as a result. I also committed to visibility, which is my primary strategy – when everything else falls down, I focus on this and it does seem to work.

What impact has attending the away day had for you or your business this year?

I think it’s made me more consistent with what I am doing and less anxious about what I’m not doing. I’m confident in doing my own thing and get less FOMO about everyone else!

Can you sum up the day in three words?

Inspiring. Supportive. Creative.

What else do you think a prospective away day attendee should know?

This is an away day for business-owners who want to reconnect with what they REALLY want from their work. Not just what LinkedIn is telling them they should be doing!

There are three options to join a Freelancer Away Day for 2023/24, in London, Newcastle upon Tyne, or online.

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