This is a ‘now’ page, inspired by Derek Sivers. Here I share where my energy and attention are focused right now.

This page was last updated on May 4th, 2023.

Business matters

I continue to run open workshops for freelancers and other independent workers. The focus of these sessions is to help make space for people to pause, reflect and make conscious choices about what they do and how they work.

Behind the scenes I’m doing some work on my coaching offer to make it more clear who I can help and how.

Work on the Leapers Accountability Pod is on pause at the moment while we figure out how it best meets the needs of our fellow freelancers. However, I’m still running the monthly planning sessions and Ece is hosting virtual co-working too.

I’m on the look out for some part-time employment to complement my freelance work. This could either be in the zone of facilitation and training, or content design. Get in touch if you know of anything that might be a good fit.

Making connections

Every Friday morning when I’m free I run Unoffice Hours. They’re short calls intended for us to get to know each other or catch up. There’s no agenda, we’ll just see where the conversation takes us.

On weekday mornings you’ll likely find me journaling alongside other members of the Sonder community. It’s currently a closed space but we’re exploring how we can make it more visible and accessible.

Experimenting and learning

There’s an ever growing stack of books and articles I want to read, and podcast episodes and talks I want to listen to or watch. I’ve paired this with creating sketchnotes of the highlights. My intention is that I can use one activity to incentivise the other — to increase my professional knowledge at the same time as improving my sketching skills.

I got my hands on an industrial quantity of fresh yeast recently and have subsequently been experimenting with new recipes for bread and sweet doughy treats


The past few months I’ve noticed that I’m not getting out and about enough. I’ve made a list of very local outdoor spaces to explore by bike, as well as a few further afield.

I currently have six aspiring tomato plants living it up on a sunny windowsill. I’ve got grand plans for the yard this year and will be making improvements over the next couple of months.

I’m still committed to only reading books I already own and there’s plenty to keep me going! See what I’m reading now.

We’re hurtling towards the end of the English football season and I’m deep in planning mode for the last few gameweeks of Fantasy Premier League.

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