Practise paying attention

Lessons from Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing

I’ve been getting Rob Walker’s newsletter, The Art of Noticing, for a while now and I pre-ordered his book of the same name. In the book’s introduction he describes asking the students on the Products of Design programme he teaches on to “practise paying attention”. Why?

“My ambition is to provoke them into thinking about what they notice, what they miss, why it matters, and how to become better, deeper and more original observers of the world and of themselves.”

What can we learn by becoming better observers of ourselves? The subtitle of the book, in the UK at least, is “Rediscover what really matters to you.” This is a theme at the centre of Walker’s conversation with Jocelyn Glei for the Hurry Slowly podcast. And it’s this thought I want to leave you with:

“What we want to attend to is what we really care about, and what we really care about is what we should be attending to.”

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