Pick yourself

Pick yourself

The idea of giving permission has been on my mind since I saw a tweet from Jonny Miller that contained these questions:

  1. What are you waiting to receive permission on?
  2. What would you like to give yourself permission for?
  3. What permission can you give to someone else?

I like that he added this third one into the mix, as I think sometimes we can forget what powers we have to support other people as well as ourselves. All three are useful prompts to aid reflection around agency and choice.

Seth Godin asks what would happen if we gave ourselves permission to choose. And it turns out he has a lot to say on the topic of permission, including that “pick yourself” means taking responsibility:

What pick yourself means is that it’s never been easier to decide to be responsible for your own work, for your own agenda, for the change you make in the world. To have a chance to matter… The outcome is still in doubt, but it’s clear that waiting just doesn’t pay.

Reflecting on all of this I’ve realised that I’m guilty of not backing myself in any number of small ways on a regular basis. It’s given me the idea to replace the whiteboard above my desk for a large poster that says: What are you waiting for?

Along with the questions Jonny shared above I’d like to leave you with a question of my own:

What is one thing within your control that you can choose to do today?

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