Life’s suspension

What practices or hobbies do you have that help you deal with life’s challenges? What gives your life suspension?

Practicing regular yoga and meditation is like adding better suspension to your life - it doesn't get rid of the bumps but it helps you get over them without wrecking your car.

Tweet of the week, quoted above, is from my friend and former colleague Fen. These wise words from her yoga teacher have really stuck in my head and made me think about the things that help me get over life’s bumps.

My immediate response to Fen’s call to action to share what adds suspension to your life was this:

“Walking is my life’s suspension. The only sure fire way to clear my head and help me to reset. That and staring at the sea.”

A week has gone by and having reflected on that tweet, the connections between the activities stand out. Both get me into the fresh air and my blood pumping. They connect me to nature which helps to put my troubles and concerns into perspective. These are two simple things that I can do to help me remain steady when the ground beneath me is rough.

Take two minutes now to think about what things you do that add suspension to your life. Are there any common themes? Are you doing enough of them at the moment? If not, what small change could you make today to change that?

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