Defining success

Defining success

Even at the best of times we put pressure on ourselves to do and be certain things. Add to that the pressure we experience from other people’s expectations and it’s a wonder we’re able to function at all. It seems there’s more of this pressure at the moment, especially with the illusion that we’ve got more time on our hands. Or perhaps there’s just more people calling it out?

The idea that there’s opportunity in adversity is nothing new. And while it may be true for some, it’s by no means true for all.

What I’ve learned from my own encounters with adversity is that sometimes just getting by is enough. Some days it feels possible to stretch the limits of what’s possible. On others focusing on the essentials is as good as it gets. For me, this is encapsulated in these few words taken from Six tips to stay calm, positive, and resilient in trying times:

success is a moving target

And it’s up to us to define, and redefine, what success means day by day.

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