Link round-up (May 2020)

It’s a mixed bag this month. There’s something to read, watch and listen to. Plus a couple of updates from services I use as part of my daily workflow.

📝 On taking the time you need to notice, think, and grow a conversation with Jenny Odell. This is a wonderfully rich interview which covers a broad range of topics from focusing our attention and productivity during the pandemic to note-taking and filing systems.

📝 Ups and downs by James Greig. I came across James’ writing just as lockdown was starting. Much of what he writes is so relatable and helps me to remember others are experiencing similar ups and downs.

📝 Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony by Doug Belshaw. This Thought Shrapnel article picks up on a theme I often write about — having a manifesto or set of rules to live by. Here, Doug shares 10 aphorisms he’s using as an aide memoire for what he wants the new normal to look like.

🎶 Music that’s perfect for working by Jason Kottke. Some of my neighbours don’t have inside voices. Sometimes the man down the road likes to do DIY with big power tools. And there’s a bird in the Brickfield that sounds like a squeaky door. These are occasions that call for a soundtrack to my work. Bonus link: I found this link via Iain Broome’s newsletter where he also shares his post 10 albums to write to.

▶ The Miracle Sudoku by Mitchell Lee. If you like any kind of puzzle, I think you’ll enjoy watching this. This geek certainly did. It’s summed up best in Simon, the solver’s, own words: “We’re watching magic happen here”.

To end, here are some new developments from a couple of services I use daily that I thought you might be interested in:

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