Link round-up (April 2020)

This month I’ve got some more articles on how to cope amid the uncertainty of our lives at the moment. Plus a few collections of resources related to teams and content design.


Six tips to stay calm, positive, and resilient in trying times from Penn Today. Including comment from academics at Penn State University’s Positive Psychology Center helps put things in perspective. I particularly liked point three which reminds us that “success is a moving target” and every day will feel different.

A Stoic Manual for Pandemic Survival by Donald J. Robertson. A good introduction to Stoicism and how this philosophy can help us to develop the resilience needed to navigate the current pandemic and the rest of life’s challenges. It’s a relatively long read but worth it.

There will be no ‘back to normal’ from Nesta. A speculative piece about how the world might change as a result of the pandemic. It looks at six broad areas: politics, economics, law, technology, society and culture, and the environment.

Courses and resources

Simple practices for courageous collaboration from The Joy of Teamwork. A collection of activities to help your team work well together. Based around five features of a happy, healthy team: purpose, agility, empathy, trust and openness.

A mega list of UX writing resources by Katherine Bradshaw-Jones. It’s a couple of years old but this list of books, blogs, podcasts, guides and more really is mega. Useful for UX writiers new and old.

Introduction to Content Design a course from The Government Digital Service (GDS). What’s that, free content design training from GDS? It sure is. Be sure to join before the course starts on 18 May.

Featured image by Nick Sexton on Unsplash.

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