Work the way you want

Develop strategies for the unique set of challenges that arise in the move from employment to independent work.

When starting out as a freelancer there’s a whole load of information, guidance and support around the practicalities of running a business. There’s workshops, courses and accelerator programmes to help with business planning, finance, marketing, finding clients and much more. But what’s available to help address the fact that taking those first steps as a freelancer is really scary!

Total autonomy in how we work can bring many benefits…. there are also a whole new set of challenges.

  • Unknowns — raising questions about how we work and/or what is appropriate
  • Unlearning — the need to shake off the habits and structures of employment
  • Overwhelm — taking on all the behind the scenes jobs as well as providing your service or creating products
  • Isolation — the lack of a safety net or support and validation from a team

How do we deal with the inevitable emotions that these challenges raise without someone to talk to, and at the same time as managing client work?

The aim of this coaching programme is to help:

  • normalise the challenges new freelancers experience
  • identify specific obstacles you are facing and approaches to tackle them
  • improve your self-awareness and create opportunities for reflection
  • increase your confidence

“If you find yourself quieting your voice as a freelancer because you don’t feel you know who you are or what’s important, and you want an encouraging, validating space to define those things, you need this programme.”

— Maddie, Copywriter

What you get

The programme includes a series of six 1-hour coaching sessions. These can be spread over three to six months.

Each session has a theme that will guide our work together. The themes we’ll explore are:

  • values – what’s important to you about the work you do and how you do it
  • identity – owning it and communicating it to others
  • boundaries – personal and professional
  • getting things done – motivation, time and energy management, accountability etc.
  • community and support – isolation, loneliness, asking for help etc.

There will also be space to explore any themes that emerge from our conversations.

You will get a workbook containing activities related to each theme. We’ll use these at relevant points during the programme to aid reflection and spark ideas.

Who the programme is for

This coaching programme is for freelancers, the self-employed and companies of one in their first three years of working independently. It is not aimed at any particular profession or sector.

There is no assumption that once you’re beyond the first three years that you’ll have it all figured out. So if you’re a few more years in and feel that this programme would benefit you, let me know.

“Find the money, prioritise spending the time and put your trust in Emma. You will be more aware, effective and efficient as a result.”

— Lynda, Market researcher

Next steps

The full cost of the programme is £555. This can be paid upfront or spread across the duration of the programme.

Before you commit to any coaching with me, we’ll have a chat about what you want from coaching and how we might work together to achieve that. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other too.

Get in touch to start the conversation.