Emma was a fantastic coach, warm, friendly and very open. At the same time she was able to provide the right amount of challenge and support whilst asking considered insightful questions. She was brilliant at helping to bring my attention into the coaching space at the start of each session with a short mindfulness exercise.

Emma was very professional, warm and easy to open up to. I found her style of insightful and challenging questions the right balance to move me forward in my coaching business and feel I have learnt so much about my business and how I operate in it, in just 6 weeks. I would highly recommend her!


Executive Coach

I found the experience [of working with Emma] to be extremely interesting and highly rewarding. Emma has a strong level of professional empathy and I felt that she instinctively understood factors including working relationships, ambition and workload pressures. She listens very well and while I did most of the talking (I tend to), Emma’s input was always well thought through and straight to the point.

Emma has helped me to examine my long-term career aims, the thoughts behind these aims and how I can fulfil them. She is quiet and calm and incredibly insightful. I found it easy to be open and be honest with her, and felt supported and not at all judged. I would have no hesitation in recommending coaching with Emma.


Senior Arts Leader

I spent six sessions with Emma and we covered a wide and varied range of topics in our time together but one constant was the generous and safe space created to let me explore my own thinking.

Emma’s calming presence encouraged me to wander with my thoughts but at the same time she held up the ‘mirror’ to help me question them. Her questions were deceptively powerful and provoked some real and lasting learning.

I have taken so much away from our sessions and achieved way more than I thought was possible. I feel richer and more empowered as a result. Thanks Emma !



I knew Emma would be a good fit, because of her ability to build a strong rapport with me, the way she heard and helped me clarify the goals of our work, AND gave me practical steps to reach my goal. I didn’t know all that could happen within one session and from 4,700 miles away.

After only a handful of sessions, I felt equipped to continue the work around my goal, and was ready to talk with Emma about coaching me through another professional goal! I highly recommend working with Emma if you want to be supported to reach your goals from a warm, skilled and insightful professional!


School Educator

Emma’s coaching was vital to building my confidence and helping me find a clear sense of my own value during a difficult year of transition in my career. She helped me choose the direction I wanted to go in and her coaching process enabled me to feel like I was finding the solutions to problems I struggled to even define before we started.


Writer and Editor