My favourite questions #1

There are a handful of questions I find myself returning to again and again. I ask them of myself on a weekly, if not daily, basis. And I use them repeatedly with my coaching clients. They can be asked in a variety of contexts and to achieve multiple outcomes.

Question are what my business is built around. They’re peppered through everything I create. So it only feels right that they finally get centre stage in this occasional series on my favourite questions.

First up is this one:

What is the smallest step you can take to make some progress?

I use this question when I’m feeling overwhelmed, distracted, or indecisive.

I ask it when I’ve got a big task I’m struggling with or a piece of work I’m not looking forward to. Taking one small step helps me to get unstuck. And after I’ve taken two or three of these small steps I can start to build momentum.

Add this question to your self-coaching toolkit and see how it can help you too.

Featured image by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

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