May Unoffice Hours

It’s time again to open up my calendar for Unoffice Hours… 30 minutes to talk about whatever you want!

Here are some ideas for topics from previous sessions:

  • building habits for journaling and reflection
  • the ups and downs of working independently
  • what we’re reading at the moment
  • ideas for potential collaborations

They’re just suggestions, the floor is yours.

Book a time to talk.

Why Unoffice Hours?

The idea for Unoffice Hours comes from Matt Webb who started them as an experiment in September 2020.

I’ve done something similar periodically over the past few years, but never had a name for it before.

These calls are different from the discovery calls I offer, which are specifically for people who want to find out about working with me. Unoffice Hours are about getting to know each other and seeing where the conversation takes us.

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about emma

I am a coach and facilitator helping people to pause, reflect and make conscious choices about what comes next. In my writing I explore themes of personal development, reflective practice and what it means to live well.