Client Story: Career Transition

I worked with Ross on two occasions over the course of a year as he thought about the direction he wanted to take his career. Find out about the coaching experience in his own words.

What was context that led you to coaching?

I had recently transitioned from an organisation I had been employed by for 14 years to a small communications agency. I had gone from being well established in my field to feeling like a beginner in a new sector. I wanted to develop confidence as well as understanding areas where I might need to upskill.

How has the coaching process helped you?

In the first instance the coaching helped me decide to change employer and then navigated me through the application process for a new job. I rebuilt my confidence in my personal skillset, and learned how to improve my CV and produce a strong cover letter.

In the second instance, I clarified why I was struggling in a certain type of workplace and learned how to communicate this to supervisors. Coaching helped me decide to end my agency career for the time being and come up with a strategy to move forward as a freelancer.

Was there a coaching tool or approach you found particularly useful?

I am a verbal processor and always have enough words to fill silent spaces in a conversation. Emma seems very willing to embrace silence as a part of the process. In my situation most of our coaching centred around Emma helping me think clearly, verbalise what I was thinking, and land on action points I was confident would move me forward.

How would you describe my coaching style?

Emma puts the emphasis on your ideas more than hers. She focuses on drawing out what you think and believe about yourself and helps you find your own solutions wherever possible. Her focus on listening well means that when she offers her own theories on your situation, they are a good fit.

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