August Unoffice Hours

August tends to be a quiet month for me. So, with extra time on my hands, I’m opening up my calendar twice a week for the next month for anyone to book time for a chat.

We might we talk about:

  • what we’ve been reading/watching/listening to lately
  • an idea or topic we’re both interested in
  • what we’re working on or how we work
  • ways we can collaborate
  • the ups and downs of working for yourself and/or from home

Anything you want really.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and catching up with friends and former colleagues.

Book a time to talk.

Why Unoffice Hours?

The idea for Unoffice Hours comes from Matt Webb who started them as an experiment in September 2020 and has been running them weekly since then.

I’ve invited people to book time for a chat periodically over the past few years, but never had a name for it before.

Unoffice Hours are different from the discovery calls I offer, which are specifically for people who want to find out about how coaching can help and whether I’m the right coach for them.

about emma

I am a coach and facilitator helping people to pause, reflect and make conscious choices about what comes next. In my writing I explore themes of personal development, reflective practice and what it means to live well.