Community values - love your neighbour

Community – Stoic Week Day 5

The theme for day five of Stoic Week is community. Stoicism isn’t just about looking inwards and self-development, it’s also...

Crowded street

Relationships – Stoic Week Day 4

Six years ago I took part in a 12-month management training programme at the institution I then worked for. I...


Virtue – Stoic Week Day 3

The third theme of Stoic Week is virtue, the central tenet of Stoicism. “Virtue is the only thing that is...

Holding hands

Living values – Stoic Week Day 2

Tuesday’s theme is change, and in particular a focus on what we can change in our lives to move us...


Taking stock – Stoic Week Day 1

The theme for day one of Stoic Week is taking stock. Monday morning’s meditation from Marcus Aurelius urges us to...

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