Agile content and people

At the end of January, I attended Agile Content Conference at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. I represented Newcastle University’s web team, and have written about my top five takeaways from the event on our team blog. This bonus content focuses on employability.

The conference ended with a panel of hiring experts discussing the content roles they recruit to and the kinds of things they’re looking for. What stood out for me was the clear message from all of them that your personality and values are as important for employability as your skills and experience.

Jo Wolfe, of British Cancer Care, says that if you’re positive, proactive and passionate then you show great potential. She aims to recruit people who have these qualities and says you can demonstrate them through your approach to work and experience of problem-solving.

T-shaped employees

Lauren Pope from Brilliant Noise introduced the idea of T-shaped people. They have one main area of experience and two complementary skills or interests. These multifaceted people can help to enhance communication within and across teams. For example, you might be a killer editor and also have a knowledge of design principles and analytics which helps you to communicate content needs to designers or data analysts.

What do you look for when hiring to your team? I’m a firm believer that attitude and cultural fit are just as important as skills and experience. This coupled with flexibility and knowledge of related areas of work makes for a great addition to any team.

Featured image: Paul Clarke on Flickr.

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