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ISSUE 060 | 25 May 2022

May link round-up

A rocky bay on the Northumberland coast
Northumberland coast
Hello there

After two full days around people at the conference last week I needed another two days to recover. One of those I spent mostly blankly staring at my laptop screen. The other taking in the lush greens of the gardens at Howick Hall and the sea air on the Northumberland coast. It was the perfect reset. I returned refreshed and ready to focus.

What helps you to reset?

The end of another month calls for more links. Enjoy the feast below.
One of the best sessions I attended at a conference recently was Spaces for Listening. I found it interesting that the other coaches I spoke to avoided the session because they felt they already knew enough about listening. I appreciated the opportunity to have both the space to talk and listen, and the connection we made between the members of the group in that moment. I also learned a lot!

Why you should keep a journal — I don’t agree that you should keep a journal as the title of this piece suggests, but I do support the description of its benefits:

We can look back at what we’ve written and understand. The page is a supreme arena for processing… The page becomes a laboratory in which to try out what might shock and surprise. We don’t need to honour everything we say. We’re giving it a go and seeing how we feel. It’s the first draft of a letter to ourselves.

I’m enjoying the reboot of Oliver Quinlan’s newsletter. Get an idea of what to expect if you sign up from these thoughts on losing focus, and finding it again.

I’ve been musing lately on success, ambition and what living well means to me. This article on the ordinary life has added fuel to those thoughts.

I’m currently reading I Didn’t Do the Thing Today: On letting go of productivity guilt. Here’s an interview with the author Madeleine Dore.

Want to stop checking your phone so much? What can you replace it with? Here’s one option… Daydreaming is better than doomscrolling.

And finally, Accessible Social offers a collection of free resources to help you make your social media content accessible.
Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.
— William Shakespeare

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