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ISSUE 059 | 11 May 2022

Tips for presenting

Paddy Freeman park one sunny Sunday
Hello there

Since I was last in your inbox I’ve been keeping out of trouble working on a variety of things:
  • getting my first group coaching programme off the ground
  • blocking time for unoffice hours (see the what’s on section for more info)
  • deciding on logistics for next run of Pods
  • starting an associate role with Barefoot Coaching
  • picking up a small content migration job for an old agency contact
To add to all that, I’m off to the International Association of Facilitators conference in Birmingham on Friday and Saturday.

What have you been up to lately? I’d love to hear about it.

Enjoy today's Gathered Thoughts and as ever just hit reply to let me know what you think.
A few weeks ago I attended an evening webinar that promised to introduce the legal foundations for running a coaching business. It was scheduled for an hour.

I rocked up on time to find the speaker had delayed the start so they could rejig some slides. When we finally got going they were emphatic about how precious our time is and therefore how lean the session would be. This was impressed on us repeatedly, yet 20 minutes later we were only just moving on from the intro and into the content of the webinar.

I’m glad I was feeling patient that day because I did get some useful stuff from the session, not least the chance to review what I already have in place and identify some changes I need to make and gaps I need to fill.

However, when we hit the half hour mark all I’d written on the worksheet provided were my notes for this article 😆 So what are my top tips for presenting?

Respect your audience and their time

Show us, don’t tell us, that you respect our time. Start and end the session on time. If you find you’re running over, know what you can cut out and still leave the audience feeling they’ve got what they wanted.


Build scheduled pauses into your session outline or script. Know that the moment you’re taking to pause feels way longer to you than it does your audience. Have confidence in that moment of silence. It gives you a chance to breathe and your audience time to process what you’ve been saying.

Be aware of your habits

Whether it’s a repeated phrase or physical movement, consider how these habits may come over to your audience. Will it distract or annoy them or detract from what you’re saying?
It can be a really cringey thing to do but recording your practice run can really help you to pick up on these things. You can do it either as a video or just in the voice notes on your phone.

Give your audience time to think

If you’re asking a question or setting an activity, make sure you’re allowing your audience time to think. How many times have I heard someone say “take a couple of minutes to think about...” and then just carry on talking? Too many. Once again, don’t be afraid of the silence.

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list. I also know a lot of you are seasoned presenters, so I’d be really interested to hear what you’d include in your top tips. As ever you can reply to this email to let me know.
Leading is a behavior, not a title. Of all the things a leader must manage, none is more vital, challenging, and transformative than leading and managing oneself.
— George Raveling

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